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Cheer Mini-Clinic IMPORTANT INFO

Posted Date: 01/29/2019

**Important Information regarding the Cheer Mini Clinic this week:

Wednesday and Thursday will be the days that we teach the material for the mini-clinic. Snacks will be provided. These clinic days will end at 5:45. Please make sure you or someone that is allowed to check your child out is at the Elementary Cafeteria by 5:45 PM. We will try to get your children checked out quickly, but there will be nearly 70 kids, so please be patient with me and the cheerleaders so we can get your kids checked out safely and to the right adult! T-shirts will be passed out Thursday. 

Friday will be performance day! Kindergarten – Third grade will be performing at the halftime of the Sr. High girls game. That game should start around 6, so we ask that you get there then. Fourth – Sixth grade will perform at the halftime of the Sr. High Boys game. This starts around 7, so please be there then. Any boys that are participating will perform during the girls' halftime. 

For each performance, we will meet in the cafeteria during the 2nd quarter of the game so we can make sure to get all of the kids lined up and ready to walk out onto the court. My cheerleaders and I will be up there and lead them down right before halftime starts. So K-3 and boys will need to meet in the cafeteria during the 2nd quarter of the girls game, and 4-5 will need to meet during the 2nd quarter of the boys game. 

If you have any questions please email Ms. Smith at