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Late Start Wednesday

Posted Date: 10/25/2018

Lincoln High School Late Start Wednesday.

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Once a month, on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, beginning November 14th, Lincoln High School will implement “Late Start Wednesday”. We are pushing the start of the day to 8:50 to accommodate a one-hour departmental meeting aimed at improving instruction and departmental collaboration in order to benefit student achievement. All classes will run on an adjusted schedule so that no instructional time is lost. Students need to report to school and go to the cafeteria by 8:40 am. Busses and drop-off will be on regular schedule. Students arriving before 8:40 will be supervised in the cafeteria and work until class starts. Breakfast will be served during this time.

At Lincoln High School, our goal is to create a professional learning environment that cultivates respect, responsibility, perseverance, and high expectations between students and staff. “Late Start Wednesday” is being implemented to give teachers one hour a month to discuss students’ needs. We will work on identifying those students and creating interventions to assist them in acquiring success on their academic journey. We will also work on aligning curriculum to make transitions throughout high school more cohesive.

Again, there will be no change to bus schedules or drop-off, the students will be working with supervision and assistance while teachers collaborate. If the student comes in at 8:40 on those days, they will not be missing any instruction. Schedules will be adjusted so that they do not miss any class time.

If you have any questions, please call LHS at 479-824-7451.

Thank you,
The Lincoln High School Faculty and Staff